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Laser Cut wood Craftsman-Style kits and detail parts for HO, O and S Scale.
And Now some N Scale items...

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10/21/15: We are retiring the Dollar Bros. Kit in O Scale on Jan 01, 2016. The Kit will be available only thru our Website and until our inventory is sold. 

10/21/15: By Mid Nov, we will be releasing the 48' Pile Trestle (2 Bent - 4 Pile) in N, HO, S and O Scales.  The Kit will include templates and material to build a complete Trestle with Ties (including two Abutments and 2 Bents).  The Kit includes enough material to build two 24' tall Bents.  The Kit also includes templates for Bents that are 7', 14', 15' 18' and 24' high, thus allowing the builder to custom build the two Trestle Bents to fit their own layout location.  

7/5/15: We updated the Detail Hints

3/16/15: We will be designing and producing some N Scale structures such as Trestles, Water Tanks and buildings.  For this year (2015), we will not be offering any N Scale Detail Parts.  Expect to see the first structures in Julyl....

elcome to the new Evergreen Hill designs, LLC.  We are a designer and manufacturer of Craftsman-Style Kits and detail parts for O, S and HO Scale railroad layouts. .  

Background: On August 25, 2012, we purchased the company and moved it to our Colorado facility. I (the owner) have been involved in model railroading since the late 60's when I bought my N Scale “Postage Stamp” train set.  Since then, I have changed scales to/from HO, HOn2.5, and G Scale.  I was active in a G Scale modular layout club that many of the folks in the Denver area had the opportunity to see.  The layout finally got so large taking two 28’ Ryder trucks to move it that it was no longer fun to take it to shows.  That is when I got into On30 as it takes just a fraction of the room that G Scale does…  However, what I found was a lack of O-Scale craftsman style kits of buildings that I wanted.  I looked into starting my own manufacturing business as I thought that if I was looking for the kits, probably others were too.  About that time, I heard that Evergreen Hill Designs was available. After working out the details over several months, we finally purchased the company.

The Future: In 2015, we plan on releasing many new kits.  Some will be re-releases of some long since out of production Evergreen Hill designs kits.  However the majority of the new kits will be just that...NEW.  We attendmany train shows and listen to you.  Its not about what I like, its about what YOU like and want.... 

Our Vision: Our Craftsman Kits are NOT just four walls and a roof.  They are the center of attention on your layouts for visitors and will provide additional revenue for those operational layouts.  Moreover, they are fun to build...

Sorry, we do not offer tours of our manufacturing facility...

Sales and Information:


P.O. Box 1737
Elizabeth, Colorado 80107-1737  USA


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